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QIWI will offer izobility buyers an option to pay on delivery

QIWI payment service and izobility, a shopping service in China and Korea, intend to broaden the list of their payment options, giving shoppers an opportunity to pay cash on delivery.


In the near future, shoppers on izobility, an online retailer selling a broad variety of products on the best shopping platforms in Asia, will be able, with the help from QIWI, to pay their orders on delivery in cash or by card to the courier. Delivery will be handled by express delivery operator SPSR.

Pay on Delivery from QIWI will be available to those customers who, for various reasons, do not use online payments typical for e-commerce. At the same time, those izobility customers who wish to pay online can always use their Visa QIWI Wallet to do so.

‘We came up with the option to pay on delivery in an e-commerce environment about a year ago, and since that time it has operated as an additional driver of sales growth. Payment on delivery fully meets payment preferences of a fairly large category of Russian buyers who like to pay in cash and take a look at what they are getting before they pay. As we develop cooperation with izobility, our Pay on Delivery service becomes part of the growing e-commerce segment that aggregates the best price offers from across foreign markets. We are closely involved in developing this service and in the near future we will be launching it at several large online retailers,’ said Dmitry Danilenko, Vice President for E-Services, QIWI.

‘Given our cooperation with QIWI, we have become the first cross-border marketplace to offer payment by cash on delivery. Surveys show that it will be very welcome up and down the country, and we are delighted to be able to offer it to our customers,’ said Leonid Bessonov, a Managing Partner at izobility.