QIWI will offer izobility buyers an option to pay on delivery
Russians buying from foreign online stores prefer to pay on delivery


QIWI launches a secure transaction service for online platforms

QIWI guarantees the security of payment transactions on popular P2P online platforms. The new QIWI service has been made available by Freelance.ru.

A new QIWI service gives Freelance.ru online platform users maximum guarantees of secure payment and performance of commissioned work. QIWI’s secure transaction offers a transparent and reliable payment mechanism so that neither the customer nor contractor has to face the risk of financial loss.
QIWI guarantees a transaction by reserving the appropriate amount until the order is executed. Money is sent only after a confirmation is received from the platform. The contractor can be paid into their QIWI Wallet or a card issued by any Russian bank. If there is a dispute, the platform will work to settle the conflict between the customer and the contractor.

QIWI’s secure transaction service can be used in any sector where people unfamiliar to one another transact online business by listing items for sale, using marketplaces, offering real property for rent or movable property for hire, providing freelance, household, private tutoring, training, courier services, etc.

‘QIWI’s secure transaction service covers the entire process where users of popular P2P online platforms pay or get paid, meaning that it delivers maximum guarantee that payments are made on time and works are done properly. Another advantage is that there are several ways to get paid, which helps reduce the risks of fraud for online platforms and their users,’ says Victoria Kiyachenko, QIWI Group’s Director for Mass Services Development.

‘For Freelance.ru users, this secure transaction service from QIWI maximizes the use of information and technical capabilities of Freelance.ru as a place for online communication and guarantees that the customer is fully refunded out of the reserved amount if the freelancer defaults. Unlike other solutions, we can hold reservation as long as may be required by the specific project so that both the parties are comfortable,’ adds Kirill Anoshin, Managing Director of Freelance.ru.